Performance coaching for performers.

Whether your goal is to add a skill to your resume for college, win that singing competition, or build a successful performance career, we’ll help you come out on top.


Here's What We Believe

Technique beats talent

Afraid that you might not have the chops to sing and play whatever you want? We know that success has little to do with talent, and everything to do with the right practice and technique. With our Active Bel Canto (ABC) technique, you’ll outshine the competition no matter how “talented” you think you may or may not be.

The best performer is a strong performer

The top acts out there sing higher, faster, bigger, and longer. Can your current body handle those demands? Bold performance calls for flexibility and strength. We train you to master your vocal and physical instrument so you can outsing and outlast everyone else.

Fun is part of the program

With our interesting lessons and engaging techniques, you’ll be excited to actually practice The result? More fun...and more applause. Your audience will thank you for it.

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Your performance starts here

To get you performing at the highest level, we have developed a simple, step-by-step system that incorporates a unique combination of vocal and physical training to bring you the sound and style you and everyone else will love. With our honest and precise feedback, you’ll develop winning skills that last a lifetime.

We can help you:

- Grow your voice according to your needs

- Manage your practice and performance around your busy schedule

- Perform under pressure

- Engage with your audience

- Learn how to master the stage/camera

- Build your body into performance shape

- Physically prepare for a tour or location shoot

- Express your own unique voice and style

About Us


Why our method is so effective

We understand the pressures and demands of life, and your desire to get your voice heard. That’s why we make our program custom-tailored and personal. You work hard and train smart, so we’ll work with you on a schedule that fits your busy life.

We unite performing arts and athletics. Leaping across a stage while belting high Cs and diving for a catch or running a mile...are more similar than you might think. Our team combines principles of medicine, science and art to keep the training innovative. We have the skills and attention to detail to optimize your performance to the max while bringing out your best personal style. With the precision of our approach, you’ll be equipped with all the physical and artistic tools to maintain a strong, cutting edge voice and body that the industry will fight for.

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