Free Webinar Training:
The 5 Step Training System
That Will Have You
Looking and Sounding
Like a Pro
(even if you're just starting out)
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What you can expect from this training:
  • The unique system dozens of beginners have used to sound great, go pro, and kill it in the industry ...with just 30 minutes of practice a day.

  • The surprising methods that artists like Beyonce, Bon Iver, and Kendrick Lamar built their careers on, and how YOU can apply them easily to rise above the competition.

  • Our special 5-minute "Body of a Singer" warm-up designed specifically to cut down practice time for singing performers to bring out their best voice right away.

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Meet Terence!
Terence Ma is a professional performing singer/dancer/actor who has performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Bitter End, and the Duplex in NYC. He is the founder and CEO of the SPAA and a former financial analyst. His team consists of other music professionals and a world renowned athletic coach. They prepare performing artists - aspiring, amateur, or professional - for the demands of stage/studio/camera performance and the latest competitive trends.

This training comes completely free because we know what it’s like to think chasing your dreams is too far-fetched for anything more than just a hobby, and being told that music and performance are not viable careers. We want you to prepare for the freedom of taking your life into your own hands. We will convince you that you are ready and that you can do this.